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"A new vision for an abandoned 1920's bungalow"
"My wife and I purchased a 1920’s style bungalow in West Cape May, NJ in March of 2012. It was our intention to tear the building down and replace it with a new similarly styled home.

The building had been abandoned for over twenty years and was the bane of the community. Imagine leaving your house for a quart of milk and not returning for twenty years. There were large holes in the roof, animals living throughout the house, and significant rot and decay.

               Before Renovations


I was introduced to Michael through a friend and asked him to take a look at the property with me. The first thing that Michael did was to come visit our home in Bucks County, PA to see “How we lived” and get a better understanding of our aesthetic sensibilities.  During his visit, unbeknownst to my wife and me, he performed a mental inventory of how we lived our lives and used the space around us that was our home. His ability to understand that and transform it into a new vision for an abandoned 1920's bungalow while improving our particular aesthetic was truly remarkable.

                 After Renovations

We arranged for a trip to Cape May to visit the property.  We surveyed the building and did the initial “as built” measurements. Michael immediately began to formulate a layout that incorporated our core requirements within the existing building footprint.

Once we had settled on the property and approached the Borough to begin the permitting process, we were informed that the property was part of the West Cape May Historic District. Michael's plan met the town's requirements.

        The Revised Layout

  First floor:        Second Floor:
  Master Suite       Three Bedrooms
  Powder Room     Two Bathrooms
  Laundry Area      Common Area
  Open Kitchen
  Common Area

Michael's proposal to 'turn the stairs around' was just one of many keen insights that helped solve the design puzzle.

The end result is an 1800 sq. ft. beach house that has the feel and flow of a much larger property without losing the intimate beach home feeling. As a builder developer I have had the opportunity to work with numerous design professionals.  Few if any have displayed the insight and understanding of space and design as White Dog Studios.

We have been extremely satisfied with our White Dog experience and would enthusiastically recommend them without reservation."

                               - Charles Lomax